Cardi B Addresses Ghostwriting Rumors From Hit Song "Be Careful"

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The ghostwriter allegations are not as simple as one would think. Cardi explains.

(AllHipHop News) Just days before Cardi B released her debut studio album Invasion Of Privacy, the breakout rap star was hit with ghostwriting rumors. An old video of Pardison Fontaine circulated across the internet which featured him spitting lines that eventually ended up in Cardi’s “Be Careful” single.

Now that Invasion Of Privacy is out, the rapstress is making the media rounds. In a recent interview, Cardi was asked about Fontaine’s involvement in penning her bars.

“I write some stuff. I do certain things. [Pardison] is my mentor,” explained the Atlantic recording artist to Hot 97. “He would tell me, ‘This sounds wack. I think you should change this. I think you should change that. That wordplay is not popping. I’m sorry. I’m telling you right now, that don’t even make sense.’”

Cardi continued, “I got my own vocabulary. I talk a certain type of way, that to me it makes sense, but to some people, it just wouldn’t make sense.”

It's clear Fontaine has participated in crafting records with Cardi. Technically, Fontaine is still not a “ghostwriter” because his name appears in the credits for “Be Careful” and other songs like “Bodak Yellow.”

“A lot of people wanted to eat me up like, ‘You have a ghostwriter.’ First of all, no, I always shouted him out. I always give him credit. I even gave him a big shout out on iHeartRadio because I feel like he’s a big part of my music,” said Cardi. “He’s one of my friends. Why not make my people some money?”

According to the native New Yorker, Atlantic signed Pardison Fontaine after taking notice of his work ethic. The sit-down with Hot 97 also included Cardi B talking about her debut LP, her pregnancy, and other topics.