Cardi B Addresses Rumors Celebs Unfollowed Her & The Public Canceled Her Career

The "I Like It" hitmaker talks to her followers about the gossip.

(AllHipHop News) Ever since her shoe-throwing incident at the Harper’s Bazaar Icon’s Party with Nicki Minaj, there have been reports that celebrities are distancing themselves from Cardi B. In particular, rumors suggested Rihanna unfollowed the Bronx rapper on Instagram and dis-invited her from the Diamond Ball.

Cardi took to social media to address the online gossip. The self-described "Trap Selena" insisted she is still being called to attend exclusive events such as the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Milan.

"A lot of people were doing rumors that a couple of celebrities unfollowed me, and that was not even true. Those celebrities weren't even following me," said Cardi. "Why can't y'all just stop making rumors to try and make me look like I'm over?"

She continued, "Y'all will see when my time is over. My numbers will be going down, I'm not going to be on the charts, people will stop f*cking with me. You will see it. God's saying it's not my time yet. So just relax, enjoy the show, and worry about your life."

Despite some bad press over the New York Fashion Week melee, Cardi's career seems to be flourishing. Her name has been attached to the list of potential Super Bowl LIII performers, and she still has two songs in the Top 3 on the Hot 100 chart.