Cardi B Bounces Back After Nicki Squabble, But Confuses Fans

Cardi B's latest business move has been smarter than trying to "talk" to Nicki Minaj.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B's talk with Nicki Minaj gone wrong has gotten her a lot of press, which some may assert is the wrong kind of coverage. Still the Bronx-bred rapper is moving rapidly into her next venture and received some help fashion brand Tom Ford.

The business plan has not been fully revealed but it appears to be lipstick or some other cosmetic line with the iconic fashion brand.

At the onset of New York Fashion Week, Cardi gloated over her first row seat at the Tom Ford show, as she sat next to Anna Wintour and Tom Hanks.First things first, I spend so much money on Tom Ford sht, I deserve to be here. All that goddamn money I spent, its about time Im here," she told Women's Wear Daily.

Some fans were confused at the blue lipstick, because Cardi B is a member of the notorious Blood Gang in New York. She infamously said, "I hate wearing Flue." The comment resulted in death threats from Crip gangs.

If there is a deal, the details remain top secret.