Cardi B. Could Be The Next Big Spokesperson For Lactaid Milk

AllHipHop Staff

he rap star could not stop gushing about milk.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Cardi B is raving about her new gift after receiving a bedazzled cereal bowl from her favorite lactose-free dairy brand.

The hitmaker reveals she has been struggling with digestive disorder lactose intolerance since her early 20s, so she has resorted to using Lactaid.

Product officials heard of her brand loyalty and decided to treat the star to a special delivery, sending her a blinged-out bowl for her breakfast of choice, cereal.

A delighted Cardi took to Instagram to show off her gift, and explain her dietary troubles to fans.

"B##ch, let me motherf##kin' tell you how I can't drink whole milk no more, you know what I'm saying?" she began. "Because I'm lactose intolerant b##ch, I drink whole milk and I'm f##king having diarrhea for three days motherf##kin' straight, I'm farting up a storm... it's just not working out. After you turn 22, your body starts motherf**kin' changing!"

Turning her attention to the bowl, she continued, "So I drink Lactaid milk, and motherf##kers, look what they sent me! You know I made it when they send me a motherf##kin' bedazzled bowl of cereal."

Cardi was also impressed with the size of the dish.

"It's not too much cereal, not too much milk; (it's) balanced well," she beamed, quipping, "You hoes ain't eating your Honey Nut Bunches of Oats like this."