Cardi B Explains Why She Refuses To Apologize For 'Access Hollywood' Rant

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The 'Rhythm + Flow' judge has some words for her critics.

(AllHipHop News) Last week, Cardi B went off on Access Hollywood on Instagram Live. The "Press" performer took issue with the entertainment news outlet for using her 1-year-old daughter's name for a misleading headline.

Some people were bothered by Cardi using explicit language, threatening to spit on the reporter, and referring to someone having AIDS during the IG rant. She returned to the platform to address the negative reactions.

"Should celebrities apologize for the actions and the things they say? At first, I was saying, 'Maybe.' But then again, I was telling people, 'No.' A lot of fans wanted me to apologize for something I said on my Live the other day because everybody was talking about it and everybody was making a big deal," said Cardi.

She continued, "You know what I told them? I'm not going to motherf*cking apologize for sh*t because if I said it when I was upset, I said what the f*ck I say. Everybody say sh*t when their upset."

The Grammy winner added, "People say all crazy type of sh*t. So when I say crazy sh*t, people just want to highlight it because they hate me... If you think that it's wrong, it is what it is, but I ain't gonna f*cking apologize for you. Every single time I say something out of character and I apologize - you wanna know what people do? They keep on throwing it in my f*cking face."

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How did this girl make it? Underdog sympathy? The machine? Ass? Tribalism? All of the above? All I know is, it’s NOT HER TALENT! Can’t even understand her half the time and when I do she is saying literal elementary school stupid stuff laced with predictable sexual references. Her surgery is falling and her attitude is atrocious. Outside of all of that she is unappreciative of her escalated acceptance. Basically she’s a flook.