Cardi B Fires Back At Attorney Joe Tacopina For Criticizing Her Courtroom Attire

The A-lister seems to suggest the lawyer is promoting sexism.

(AllHipHop News) Belcalis "Cardi B" Almánzar is blasting an attorney for what she believes is clout chasing for media attention. Joseph "Joe" Tacopina recently told the New York Post, “Cardi treats her trips to the courthouse like a runway show."

Tacopina represents the two Angels Strip Club employees, Sarah and Rachel Wattley (aka Jade and Baddie G), that claim to be the alleged victims in the felony assault and misdemeanor case against Cardi. He is also the same lawyer that spoke on behalf of Meek Mill when the Philadelphia emcee was fighting to get released from a Pennsylvania state prison in 2017 and 2018.

“Here’s a woman who got indicted by a grand jury with felony charges, and appears to only be concerned about what she’s wearing,” stated Tacopina. “There’s going to be a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment with her, because it’s not consistent with someone who’s taking this seriously.”

Cardi had plenty to say about Tacopina's comments on her choice of attire. She fired back at the Venezia F.C. executive in videos posted to social media. The 26-year-old Bronx native talked about how she showed up to the Queens Supreme Court one day without any makeup on and without brushing her hair. She also called out Tacopina for focusing on a woman's clothes.

"I don’t dress inappropriate when I go to court. I dress like a young f*cking lady. Where am I supposed to get my suits from? H&M? Why are you worried about the way I dress? That just goes to show you that y'all do this sh*t for press," said the Invasion of Privacy album creator.

"If I was a man, it would not bother you," added Cardi. "What's crazy is you are a lawyer that represents an artist [Meek Mill] that's standing up for prison reform, something that I have donated money to because I do believe the system treats unfairly black men and minorities... And you motherf*cking worried about what a woman is putting on her body when she goes to f*cking court. Get the f*ck out of here!"

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If she were a young ‘lady’ she wouldn’t have a felony court case to begin with. There’s nothing ‘lady’ about this dodo at all!