Cardi B Has Something To Say About Those Viral Pictures Of Her ViJayJay

The rap star dominated the Billboard Awards last night but everyone's talking about her cooch.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B shed her clothes for an expletive-filled video as she responded to pictures which appeared to be of her private parts circulating on the Internet.

Cardi hit headlines when she posed with husband Offset on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards, with the pair putting on a passionate display as the Migos star lifted up his wife’s leg while giving her a deep kiss.

The PDA led to images circulating which seemed to show Cardi displaying a bit too much as her leg was lifted, but the mother-of-one decided to respond to the pictures in her own unique way – by getting naked and sharing a video on her Twitter page alongside a winking emoji.

In the clip, Cardi said: “Y’all motherf##kers going around showing this f##king picture, now you’re Photoshopping it even more.”

As she displayed her body by posing in front of a mirror, Cardi continued:

“First of all, that ain’t my p##sy. My p##sy right here. This is where I birth my daughter from.”

As for what can be seen in the images, Cardi added “that’s just my ass." “You know when you got a fat ass? This is the part that gives the d##k comfort,” she smiled.

Cardi enjoyed a successful night at the awards, taking home six gongs, including a prize for top Hot 100 song for her Maroon 5 collaboration "Girls Like You."

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