Cardi B's Private Jet Forced To Make An Emergency Landing

The rapper's private jet had to make an unexpected stop today.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Cardi B was forced to take a detour to Chicago, Illinois early on Monday after her private jet had to make an emergency landing.

Cardi was traveling back from Los Angeles to her native New York for a work commitment when a passenger onboard fell ill and required medical attention.

The pilot had to make an unscheduled stop in Chicago to allow the sick patient, who wasn’t a member of Cardi’s entourage, to seek treatment, and the annoyed hip-hop star took to her Instagram Story timeline to complain about the delay.

“I’m stuck in Chicago. We had to do an emergency landing…,” she explained in a video post.

Cardi, who has become accustomed to flying in style since shooting to superstardom last year, then swore off private air travel, insisting she has never encountered such issues on commercial airlines.

“Lemme tell you something… I’m not taking no more f##king jets, I don’t give a f##k, bro. These type of s##ts don’t happen on f##king Delta (sic)!” she exclaimed.

However, it appears Cardi’s complaint wasn’t heard by her managers, who subsequently booked her a private helicopter for the latter part of her journey to get her to her destination on time.

“I went from a (private) jet to a commercial flight, now to a helicopter,” she told fans in a follow-up clip. “You cannot say a b##ch don’t take her job seriously.”

But Cardi admitted she was nervous about flying in a chopper as she prepared for take off: “Oh my God, I’m so scared!” she confessed.