Cardi B's Single "Be Careful" Hits #1 As Ghostwriting Claims Emerge

AllHipHop Staff

Cardi B just hit #1 and it does not come without some controversy.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Cardi B is celebrating the success of her new single “Be Careful.”

The singer hit up Twitter to share the iTunes single's chart, where the song is currently nestled at the #1 position of all genres.

Cardi thanked her fans for helping her achieve the feat.

However, Cardi is swept up in a minor controversy over the origin of “Be Careful.”

Just as the single released, footage hit the net of supposedly showing producer Jordan Thorpe, the co-writer of the song, laying down guiding vocals for the singer.

While Cardi was busy gloating over the #1 success, influential DJ Funk Flex may have subtly commented on the controversy.

Meanwhile, Cardi is preparing to release her upcoming album Invasion of Privacy on April 6th.

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Once you let one person slide with doing it everybody else starts doing it. After awhile this isn't even news anymore.


If you cannot speak correctly, how in the world are you going to write correctly? Let us move on.


Just like Drake. Rappers are actors. We know that. Move along, nothing to see here


As long as he was paid that shouldn't matter. If he was not paid this is an issue.