Cardi B.'s Slowly Giving In To The Thought Of Reconciling With Husband Offset

Will Offset get his wife back? Things are starting to look good!

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B is kicking off 2019 full of hope after confessing she would “love” to give her marriage to estranged husband Offset another go.

Cardi confirmed she had separated from the Migos rapper in early December, amid rumors of his infidelity.

Just before Christmas, they sparked speculation of a romantic reconciliation when they were photographed enjoying a day of jet ski fun in Puerto Rico, where she was set to perform at San Juan’s Electric Holiday Concert.

After the photos leaked, Cardi played down the reunion chatter, confessing she was just desperate for sex with her ex.

“I just had to get f##ked. That’s all,” Cardi told fans in a live-streaming session on Instagram.

However, it appears Offset’s efforts to win back his wife have paid off, as Cardi is willing to work on their relationship and salvage their marriage.

“I’m excited to see about how my love life is,” the 26-year old told fans. “I’m still not wearing a (wedding ring on my) finger, but I would love to work things out and everything.

“There’s a lot of things that I feel like I can’t do, (but) motherf##ker (Offset) is like, ‘You can do everything and anything’ all the time,” she shared. “I never had nobody push me like that…

“It’s really good for me now to have somebody that just motivates me and lets me know every day like, ‘You can do anything, you just gotta set your mind (to it)…'”

She also credited Offset with encouraging her to ask more questions about contracts to help her become a better businesswoman as she started out in the music industry.

Offset has yet to comment on the prospect of a proper reunion with Cardi, but he previously made it clear he regrets behaving badly, even though he insists he never physically cheated on the hip-hop sensation.

He even crashed her headlining set at California’s Rolling Loud Festival on 15 December and presented her with a cake and flowers spelling out, “Take Me Back Cardi” – only to be ordered offstage by his angry wife.