Cardi B's Tweet Calling Out Trump Over His "Racist Supporters" Goes Viral

"This is not beyond my [scope] this is my country and I’m tired!"

(AllHipHop News) Once again, Cardi B shared her thoughts about current events. El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio were both rocked by mass shootings over the weekend, and the Bronx rapper pointed her attention to the President of the United States.

"The FBI, local and state law enforcement are working together in El Paso and in Dayton, Ohio. Information is rapidly being accumulated in Dayton. Much has already be learned in El Paso. Law enforcement was very rapid in both instances. Updates will be given throughout the day!" tweeted Donald Trump on Sunday morning.

Cardi responded to the President by writing, "We have enough information already! Both of the shooters are white supremacist terrorist with intentions to kill [minorities]. Law enforcement took rapid action but what are YOU going to do to control some of your RACIST SUPPORTERS?"

The Grammy winner's tweet quickly went viral. As of press time, her message to the POTUS was retweeted nearly 50,000 times and collected close to 200,000 likes. Cardi B returned to the social media platform to address a user that suggested the 26-year-old mother should "stick to making music."

She replied, "This is not beyond my [scope] this is my country and I’m tired! I get it you are a conservative you and you can support who you want but you can’t ignore the slowly but surely racial war that going on in this country that are the reasons of these [tragedies]."

Twenty people have died and twenty-six were injured in the El Paso shooting. The suspected killer allegedly wrote a white supremacist manifesto that echoed some of the anti-immigrant rhetoric of President Trump. The case is being investigated as domestic terrorism.

There is less information about the Dayton incident. Nine people were gunned down and twenty-seven others were injured. The culprit was killed by police within 1 minute of opening fire. Authorities have not released a possible motive. Both shooters were white men in their early twenties.

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Why didn’t anybody blame Obama for the police that were getting killed when he was president