Cardi B Says Jussie Smollett Alleged Phony Hate Crime Ruined Black History Month

The rap star say it would be "brazy" if Jussie really set himself up to be attacked.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B says this year's Black History Month celebration was totally ruined - by none other than actor Jussie Smollett.

Jussie claimed he was attacked by MAGA loving thugs, who beat him up while yelling racists and homophobic slurs at the "Empire" actor.

The only problem is cops believe Jussie set the whole thing up with a pair of Nigerian brothers, who have decided to spill their guts to the cops in order to avoid being charged in the whole thing.

As Jussie ducks the cops for a new interview, Cardi B just put Jussie on blast for allegedly orchestrating his own attack.

“I’m really disappointed in Jussie Smollett, or whatever the f##k his name is,” Cardi said in between bites of lobster and some bragging about "how wet her p##sy is."

“I feel like he f##ked up Black History Month, bro,” the rap phenom continued. I'm not gonna say yet, until he said out his mouth, that it was fake the s##t was staged, I don't want to completely blame him. Cause somebody I was talking to said police in Chicago are racist, so they might prolly trying to frame him and make him look like he's a liar. But if he's not, like bro, you f##ked up for real. "

You give Donald Trump immunity to fucking laugh at niggas and shit and make motherfuckers look bad. S##t brazy bro."

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She’s not even black.