Cardi B Says She "Respects Mothers More Than Ever" Now

Giving birth is changing Cardi B's attitude for the good.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B struggles to leave her baby, even for a second.

Last week, the rapper announced she would not be performing with Bruno Mars on the last leg of his 24k Magic Tour in September, after welcoming her first child, daughter Kulture, earlier this month.

Revealing she "underestimated" motherhood, Cardi said she won't be ready in time to perform on the scheduled dates.

She has since taken to Instagram Live and explained there were multiple reasons for leaving the tour, including her daughter.

"I can't leave my baby, like not for one second," the new mother said. "It's so hard, because I want to be with my baby every second. Like even when I be doing my hair in the other room I just gotta be around her."

Cardi confessed giving herself six weeks to heal after giving birth wasn't long enough, and said labor "took all the strength from my body."

"Going on tour with Bruno Mars, you know, in like the biggest arenas... and I don't want to go on tour and I won't be able to dance or perform properly," she continued.

The 25-year-old also added that nothing could have prepared her for motherhood.

"You just really have to have a baby to see. I just want to say I respect mothers more than ever now," she shared.

And the rapper finished the live question and answer session by teasing plans for a new project coming out later this year.

"I'm going to work. Like, my life is not over, you know, I just have to take my time to do some things," she insisted.

Cardi later shared snaps on social media of herself and husband Offset with his and hers Lamborghini sports cars - blue for her, and green for him.

The star, who secretly tied the knot with the Migos rapper last September, purchased the luxury cars with cash, prompting Cardi to fire back at critics who suspected that they had leased the vehicles.

"Why y'all be sayin' that my cars are leased? Me and my husband, we don't lease s**t around here," she fired back in a video on Twitter and Instagram that was later deleted. "And I had to cash out, completely, 'cause I don't have a f##kin' (driver's) license. But I don't give a f##k. If I'm gonna rap about having a Lambo, I'm gonna own a motherf##kin' Lambo, you know what I'm sayin'?"