Cardi B Shares A Dance With One Of President Donald Trump's Biggest Supporters

Could Cardi B be turning into a Republican after grooving with New England Patroits' Robert Kraft?

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B may have really struggled when deciding whether or not to perform at the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Ahead of the National Football League’s Super Bowl LIII taking place in Atlanta, Georgia on Sunday, the rapper said how she was offered a “lot of money” to take to the stage at the event but chose to reject the opportunity in order to show support for ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

“I got to sacrifice a lot of money to perform. But there’s a man who sacrificed his job for us, so we got to stand behind him,” she said.

Kaepernick, 31, has had his career derailed following his 2016 decision to kneel during the pre-game U.S. national anthem to highlight racial injustice and police brutality.

In November 2017, he filed a grievance against the NFL, accusing owners of collusion to keep him out of the league.

While Cardi declined the offer to perform at the Halftime Show as she felt obligated to “stand behind” Kaepernick, she did get it poppin' with The New England Patriots' owners, Robert Kraft.

The dance-off went down at the Fanatics Super Bowl party at the College Football Hall of Fame, during a raucous party.

Ironically, Robert Kraft is one of President Donald Trump's biggest supporters.

Shortly after Cardi B. blasted President Trump for turning the country into a "hellhole" during the government shutdown, Robert Kraft was showering praises on the POTUS, saying he was "working very hard to serve the best interests of the country.”

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He's also friends with Meek Mill..All republicans aren't racist..


so now.. she has to check the details of everyone that comes across her before engaging with them.. Lol..

That's what happens when you get yourself involved in politics