Cardi B Wants Presidential Candidates To Answer Questions About Police Brutality

What do you want the politicians vying for the White House to address?

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B has not been afraid to step into the political arena. Whether it's giving a shout out to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders or calling out conservative talking head Tomi Lahren, the rapper is known to voice her opinions about politics.

In a new Instagram video, Cardi is asking her 46.6 million followers to come up with questions for the current 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. The Hip Hop star even offered a specific issue she would like to see the POTUS hopefuls confront.

"If I was to ask my next president a question, I would like to ask what are we going to do about police brutality. It seems like it keeps on happening every single day and they are getting away with it," stated Cardi.

The "Press performer added, "I would like to see a change. I would like to know if our next president even cares because it seems like the one that we have now doesn't. So what type of questions would you like to ask a Democratic candidate?"

One of the most recent examples of possible police misconduct took place in June when Phoenix cops pulled their firearms on a Black family after a four-year-old girl allegedly walked out of a local Family Dollar store without paying for a "Barbie-like" doll. The city's mayor and police chief denounced the officers' actions.

A new CNN poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden is still leading the Democratic field with 22%, but Biden saw a 10% drop following the first televised debate on MSNBC. Senator Kamala Harris (17%) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (15%) both saw a significant rise over that period. Senator Sanders fell to fourth place (14%).