Carmelo Anthony Under Fire For DVD Comments

Denver Nuggets star

Carmelo Anthony, who recently released his "Carmelo 1.5 Mixtape," has

come under heat for appearing in a DVD titled "Stop

Snitching," which allegedly features rappers threatening people who divulge

illegal activity to police.

U.S. Rep. Elijah

Cummings (D-Md.) of the 7th District, which includes Anthony's old Baltimore,

Maryland neighborhood and the neighborhood where the DVD was shot, requested

that Anthony "take immediate action to formally condemn any association

by its players with activities that promote the illegal drug trade," the

Baltimore Sun reported.

Anthony has repeatedly

discounted the negative criticism of the DVD.

"I'm just on there," Anthony told the Baltimore Sun. "I understand

that everybody is on there talking about killing and doing this and that, but

it's not like I'm on there with guns. I was back on my block, chillin.' I was

going back to show love to everybody, thinking it was just going to be on the

little DVD, that it was just one of my homeboy's recording."

Anthony appears

in about six minutes of the DVD, shot in September when Anthony was visiting

his old neighborhood.

The Nuggets Forward

is shown joking about Detroit Pistons Head Coach Larry Brown, who also coached

the Olympic basketball team Anthony was apart of. Brown frequently benched the

basketball star during the Olympic Games. "We gon' lynch his ass if he

ever come here," one man said in the video.

A couple of rappers,

Black and Tony O, freestyle in the DVD, and Anthony at one point retorts in

a battle with Black, that he might "put some

money on his mother [expletive] brains." In another situation, Tony O freestyles

about a snitch.

"Carmelo has

never denied the fact that he comes from a tough neighborhood," Anthony's

agent Calvin Andrews said in a statement. "He does not condone some of

the things that happen there and has worked very hard to rise above that difficult

environment," Andrews said.


was also involved in a conflict last month at a New York bar, after someone

allegedly spat a drink in the face of his girlfriend, MTV host La La Vasquez.