Carmen Bryan Addresses Jay-Z, Cam'ron, Russell Simmons

The mother of Nas'

daughter has accused Jay-Z, Cam'ron and

Russell Simmons of using the 7 year old as a pawn in Nas' on going feuds. "Jay-Z,

Cam'ron and Russell Simmons should be ashamed of promoting music which attacks

innocent children," Carmen Bryan said Friday at a news conference in Harlem.

Bryan called Jay-Z and Cam'ron cowards for the insults hurled at the 7 year

old in raps geared at insulting Nas.

The insults hurled

at the child took an ugly turn when Cam'ron threatened to kidnap the girl and

give her to R. Kelly as a sexual favor. Kelly has been charged with 21 counts

of for allegedly having sex with a 14 year old.

Charles Fisher,

chairman and founder of the Hip-Hop Summit Council, told News Day the rivalry

is an example of how negative hip-hop has become. Fisher said his organization

has founded the Media Complaint Review Board and Artist Mediation Board, which

will intervene as a neutral third party among rap artists, record executives

and the public.

Fisher defend Simmons,

saying that the founder of Def Jam has nothing to do with the rivalry and that

the burden of responsibility rests on Roc-A-Fella executives Damon Dash and

Jay-Z, who control their own recordings.

"I want to

broker a peace between Jay-Z and Nas and set some rules and guidelines in the

industry," Simmons said.