Carrie Underwood And Ludacris Score A Touchdown With Super Bowl Song

Ludacris is heading to the Super Bowl with Carrie Underwood.

(AllHipHop News) Carrie Underwood and Ludacris have teamed up for a new Super Bowl anthem.

"The Champion" and its accompanying video will air at the beginning of the telecast before the big American football game, which will take place at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 4.

The song was written by Underwood, Ludacris, and songwriters Chris DeStefano and Brett James and the "Before He Cheats" hitmaker explains they wanted the lyrics to be inspirational.

"When we were writing 'The Champion,' our main focus was to celebrate athletes at the top of their game, but we also wanted the song to resonate with people in their everyday lives," a statement from the country star reads. "We hope the lyrics will inspire people to push themselves beyond their limits to conquer anything they are trying to accomplish or overcome. There's a champion in every single one of us!"

"It was a pleasure to collaborate with Carrie for this inspirational song," the rapper says.

In addition to the Super Bowl, the song will also be used during the Winter Olympic Games telecast, beginning in February.

"When we met with Carrie last year to discuss the Super Bowl open, we each brought ideas," Fred Gaudelli, executive producer of NBC Sunday Night Football and the Super Bowl LII presentation, says. "Carrie presented first. After she spoke, we looked at each other and said, 'That's the one'.

"Later on, our Olympics producers listened to 'The Champion' and decided that it would be a perfect complement for our Winter Games coverage. We are excited to highlight 'The Champion' in two events on the global stage in February."

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Not sure about this, but years ago Nelly had a hit with Tim McGraw...


I'm been done with kids but now I'm really done. Let country be country cats trying to merge the wrong shit together. I respect any form of music but come on now. This is an example of why we are losing hip hop. These collaborations are like permission slips to try to step into our genre. Fro example, post Malone. Dude is in the wrong genre. I respect his hustle but he has kids thinking his shit is hip hop lol....smh