Casanova Confronts Soulja Boy For Allegedly Disrespecting A Woman

"You got sh*t all over your face. You bugging out."

(AllHipHop News) Soulja Boy's week-long ~~troll~~ media run created a lot of laughs, questions, and eye rolls. The star of We TV's Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition used Instagram and interviews to air out his grievances with rappers, bloggers, and fans.

Big Draco may have taken it too far in one situation. Brooklyn rapper Casanova was caught on camera in a hallway checking Soulja for allegedly yelling at an unnamed woman.

"You screamed at a lady. You bugging the f*ck out, homie," Casanova told Soulja. "You got sh*t all over your face. You bugging out. You high, you smacked, I understand, but you bugging out."

Soulja responded that he only smokes weed. He also said, "You don't understand how they treat me... If they females, they need to talk like females. Why is she talking like she gangsta?"

Casanova asked Soulja if he intended to hit the woman. The 28-year-old entertainer stated he wouldn't touch her. Cas then stated, "So why you scaring a female? Let [your security guard] do that. You supposed to be on a big, major platform."