Casanova Could Pay Dearly For Breaking A Woman's Jaw Over Instagram

The rap star is being sued for beating up a woman who filmed him as he ate his food.

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn rapper Casanova may have to come out of his pocket after a wild fight in a diner which left a woman with a broken jaw.

The whole thing started in August of 2018 when a woman named Niya Rucker attempted to record Cas and his crew as they were eating at the Good Stuff Diner in New York City.

Rucker says the rapper flew off the handle as she tried to record him for an Instagram live post without his permission, simply because he was with two women, neither of whom were his wife.

The woman says some of Casanova's goons choked her, cut her, and broke her jaw, as the rapper took her phone to delete the video.

In addition to the civil lawsuit, Cas is facing charges for felony robbery.

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