Casanova Indicted On Charges He Assaulted Woman

Casanova's legal woes increase...

(AllHipHop News) After an eventful weekend in Miami, rapper Casanova returned to New York to answer to claims that he was a part of a crew that beat a woman up. Cas was indicted on charges of robbery and coercion and his co-defendant Bobby Williams was charged with strangulation.

The alleged incident happened with Niya Rucker recorded the rapper and his crew as they ate at the Good Stuff Diner in New York City.

Casanova, a Roc Nation artist, submitted to authorities after the warrant was issued turned himself. He has steadfastly maintained his innocence.

Previous reports have stated that Casanova "forcibly stole" the phone from Rucker and also scared her, according to the DA.

She maintains she sustained a broken jaw, a tooth knocked out and stitches in the fracas. Furthermore, she stated on record that she was never even trying to record Casanova. She said she was taking images of her meal.

Rucker gave a tearful interview for PIX11.

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Rot in hell Casanova u put your hands on a innocent women u get what u deserve


well...if he's guilty I hope she gets justice.