Cash Money CEO Responds To Juvenile


who in the most recent edition of XXL dissed Cash Money

Records, may find it a little more difficult severing

his ties than he anticipates. In the issue of XXL, Juvenile

leveled claims that Bryan "Baby"

Williams and Ronald "Slim" Williams,

both owners of Cash Money Records, cheated him out of

hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the article, Juve

says that the label betrayed him, breaching the trust

that he thought they had. Juvenile also said that if

he did any recordings from this point forward, it would

be for his own label, U.T.P. (Up Town Projects.)

caught up with Baby, the

CEO of Cash Money, who for the first time went on record

with a response. "Man Listen. No one leaves Cash

Money Records," Baby said. "There is only

one way to leave Cash Money Records. The way you walk

in, aint gonna be the way you walk out."

While the

other artists on the label have not mentioned any discontent

publicly, Juvenile claims that both B.G. & Turk

contacted him to sign with his new label. He also made

it clear that his problems weren't with any artist on

the label, just the two heads of the Cash Money Millionaires.


latest album, Project English was finally released

on August 21st, after almost a year of being delayed.

The first single, "Set It Off," has no appearances

from any of the Cash Money members, and according to

Juvenile, that will not be the last time it happens.