Cash Money CEO's Arrested For Weed, Guns

Cash Money Records CEO's Bryan "Birdman" Williams and Ronald "Slim" Williams were among 16 people arrested and charged with possession of a pound of marijuana yesterday in Kingsport, Tennessee.

According to reports, a police officer in Kingsport stopped the Williams' RV on Interstate 81 for making an improper lane change, which forced a tractor into the emergency lane.

When Kingsport police Cpl. Tim Horne approached the RV, which had Florida tags, he allegedly smelled the scent of marijuana and searched the vehicle.

Cpl. Horne recovered almost a pound of marijuana in a trash can inside the RV, in addition to an assault rifle, a handgun and a clip for a .45 caliber handgun as well.

In addition to the Williams brothers, other passengers in the RV were charged with drug offenses as well.

Williams' 18-year-old wife Brittany was arrested and charged, as were several other artists and promoters for Cash Records.

No one has been charged with weapons violations as of press time, although the ATF is investigating the source of a 2-23 carbine assault rifle, which is often used by military and law enforcement officials.

Representatives for the Williams brothers or Cash Money Records were not available as of press time.

The Williams brothers started Cash Money Records in 1992 and through the years, the label has released hit recordings by The Hot Boys, Juvenile, Turk, Lil’ Wayne, B.G. and Bryan "Baby" Williams.