Cash Money CEO's Deny Working With Master P.

Cash Money CEO's Ronald "Sugar Dime"

Williams and Bryan "Baby" Williams denied that they were planning

a movie with mogul Master P. In a statement to, the brothers said

that while they had no beef with Master P., they still had no plans on working

with him

"Cash Money has evolved and we're involved

in and working on great things. To [our] knowledge, a movie venture with [Master]

P isn't one of them." The brothers said that they have never considered

Master P....Master P. friend or foe.

Last week Master P. told that the two

camps had ended their beef, which P. blamed on an overzealous media. He said

that the two camps were working on a "hood drama" titled "Ghetto


Master P.'s publicist wasn't aware of any such

arrangement either. P. couldn't be reached for comment, as he is in Germany.

In related news, Cash Money recently re-negotiated

their deal with Universal Records and will release Baby's solo album, The

Birdman in Novemeber. They label also signed legendary R&B diva, Teena