Cash Money Mixtape Lawsuit Thrown Out Of Court

AllHipHop Staff

Cash Money Records’ lawsuit against mixtapeBCD Music Group is a thing of the past.

The record label’s case was thrown out by federal court judge Miriam Cedarbaum, for failure to clearly state any causes of action upon which relief could be granted, a lawyer for BCD Music Group old

The dismissal marks the end of the conflict between Cash Money, and Texas –based independent distributor BCD Music Group, which was also named in the label’s complaint.

In February, Cash Money filed its lawsuit against Drama’s Aphilliates Music Group, BCD, Makin Moves Entertainment and others amid claims that the music of Cash Money rapper Lil Wayne, was created and distributed illegally through mixtapes.

The suit, which was part of an ongoing case against BCD, centered around three volumes of Drama’s Dedication mixtape series as well as Happy Father’s Day, featuring music by Lil Wayne and Baby and Frank Nino’s When the North and South Collide.

News of the lawsuit triggered speculation concerning tension between DJ Drama, Lil Wayne and the mixtape community in general.

The turntablist dismissed the rumors in April as he noted how the accusations against him were “misplaced.”

“This is not a case of Lil Wayne vs. DJ Drama. Me and Wayne are good,” Drama stated.

“I am confident that this matter will be resolved quickly without harming the relationship between myself, Wayne and Cash Money Records.”

Cash Money’s lawsuit was an amended version of a previous complaint that was withdrawn after being served.

Despite the outcome of the case, BCD's lawyer, Wallace Collins, Esq., revealed that Cedarbaum gave Cash Money until September 9 to re-file a second amended complaint if they choose to further pursue the case.

If the complaint is not filed, the dismissal will be deemed final and with prejudice.

Lawyers for DJ Drama contacted to clarify that only BCD was dismissed from the lawsuit.