Cash Money Rapper Blueface Busted With A Gun In Downtown Los Angeles

Blueface is out on bail after an arrest last night in L.A.

**(AllHipHop News)**Rising rapper Blueface ran into some trouble last night in Los Angeles.

The rapper, who is signed to Bryan "Birdman Williams" Cash Money West imprint, was caught with a gun.

According to reports, police received a series of 911 calls about gang members who were planning to terrorize the downtown area around 7 pm.

When responding officers arrived on the scene, they encountered Blueface and his crew, who immediately took off and ditched some guns in the process.

Police caught the rapper and charged Blueface with felony possession of carrying a loaded firearm.

He is currently free on $35,000 bail.

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Hmmm sounds like a set up or a rat smh...if his bail is that low then they dont have shit. This may even be some record company ploy shit for sales. Look at the timing. He is starting to blow then this? Shit dont seem right shit stink