Casino Investigated For Giving Nelly Special Treatment

AllHipHop Staff

A Jefferson City, Missouri casino is facing a $50,000 fine for allegedly granting special treatment to rapper Nelly.The Missouri Gaming Commission alleges The President on the Admiral hosted a private, late night birthday party for the rapper.The trouble started when the casino allowed his eight person entourage to enter without receiving electronic identification cards that limit the amount patrons can wager.Regulators also say the casino allowed Nelly to play, even though he showed an identification card that belonged to an unknown woman.Employee's then made a new card later in the evening, as if he had just arrived in the casino.The Gaming Commission claims the casino broke 10 state laws and rules.Missouri law limits patrons to purchasing no more than $500 worth of gambling tokens or chips every two hours.Nelly is not charged with any violations and his publicist said the rapper followed every rule the casino set forth.

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