Cassidy To Surrender To Authorities On Murder Charge

Rapper Cassidy (real

name Barry Reese) is expected to surrender to authorities tomorrow to face homicide

charges in connection with the murder of a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania man.

Reese, who is enjoying quite

possibly the biggest single of his career with his anthem "I'm A Husta,"

is accused of murdering 22-year-old Desmond Hawkins after the two argued in

the rapper's West Philadelphia neighborhood.

Authorities said Reese and

two other men were armed with an arsenal of weapons, including AK47's, and fired

upon three men on April 15.

Hawkins was allegedly killed

by a gunshot to the back, while two other men were admitted for less serious

gunshot wounds.

When he meets police, Cassidy

will be charged with conspiracy, weapons possession and homicide.

A second warrant was issued

for a 23-year-old named Abdul West, who police say was one of the three shooters

and police are still seekingmthe third, unknown gunman.

The arrest on the

homicide charges come as the rapper prepared for the June 28 release of his

sophomore release, I'm a Hustla.