Cassie's On a Mission to be Official

It's remarkable, really. Cassie's debut into the recording industry was a song ["Me & U"], essentially, about fellatio...and a secret love affair. Now, she comes back to us with her new single "Official Girl." The tables have turned this time around. Cassie is now tired of her main man keeping her unofficial. What did she expect? She started as the side-chick. Now she wants it to be official? It's admirable, though. Homegirl has ambition. Danja produced and The Clutch wrote the flagship single for Cassie's sophomore effort, and it packs the signature that we've grown to love from the Virginia native. The lyrical arrangement is offbeat, of course on purpose, since it gives the track a charm otherwise absent due to vocal limitations. The lyrics are simple and really show the Clutch's superior ability to adapt to each artist they write for. As a statement, "Official Girl" really makes one. More than talking to this imaginary guy, I'm pretty sure Cassie's thoughts in the booth were on the industry that kicked her pretty hard after a disastrous performance on 106 & Park two years ago. "It'd be a shame to say you lost me/But if you want that /It's a wrap /and I won't look back." Okay, beautiful, we get it, you mean business.Let's face it, Cassie won't be known for her vocal prowess anytime soon, so let’s take this vocally limited track in stride. We can all say it would be in her best interest to deliver just as it sounds on our headphones during live performances. As for reaching those Beyonce-high-notes – know the way to our hearts, just keep it sexy.