Ced Gee Launches Label, Says Ultramagnetic MC's Are Reunited

Ced Gee, producer

and member of pioneering Bronx Hip-Hop group Ultramagnetic MC’s, recently

launched a record label and is planning an Ultramagnetic reunion album.

Ced Gee’s

founded Factshen Entertainment along with Philly rapper Grafiq. The label has

several new groups signed and is currently planning the Ultramagnetic reunion

album, as well as a re-release of Ultra Mag’s Funk Your Head Up LP.

“Me and Grafiq

met in Manhattan at the Sister2Sister expo in August 1999,” Ced Gee explained

to AllHipHop.com. “Grafiq was a big Ultramagnetic fan, and couldn't believe

it was me. So on the strength of that we exchanged numbers and we shared the

same vision of Hip-Hop.


of my man the Jeru the Damaja, we were in the process of inking a deal with

Open Door records which distributed Jeru's Heros4hire. The distributor

folded so we’ve been on the grind with our Factshen Fam ever since.”

The re-release

of the Funk Your Head Up will include original mixes from the song as well as

a Beatminers remix of the song “Poppa Large.”

And Ced Gee answered

the question eager Ultramagnetic fans have been asking since their last official

group album, 1997’s Smack My B**ch Up.

“We are currently

working on a new Utramagnetic album and we have new members Frank Beans and

Grafiq, plus the original members,” Ced Gee said. “Me, Kool Keith,

TR-Love, Moe-Love and Tim Dog. Ultra is in a zone. The album is coming out crazy.”

And after a long

hiatus from the group due to internal problems, Ced Gee said that he and Kool

Keith were working on the business logistics of re-forming the group. Keith

has said that the internal problems arose when Ced sold old masters of their

recordings to Tuff City, who subsequently issued what many felt were poor versions

of old material.

“Kool Keith

has recorded some songs with us,” Ced Gee said. “They are definitely

going to be on the album. Ultramagnetic has been reinstated!”

Ultramagnetic MC’s

are widely credited with being pioneers of the digital sampling revolution and

released their first single, “” in 1986. Ced Gee also helped produce

BDP’s breakthrough album, Criminal Minded.

Ced Gee’s

most recent release is The Underground Show LP. For more information,

visit http://www.thefactshen.com/