Cee-Lo Green Launches Radiculture Record Label

As a standout member of Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley, Cee-Lo Green knows how to create a unique path for success.

Now, the Grammy Award winning singer/rapper/writer/producer will celebrate the launch of his new label Radiculture, which is distributed by Atlantic Records.

"I've been in the music business for quite some time now. I've had some unforgettable high points and some disappointing low points," Cee-Lo said in a statement. "I'm eager to pass on the lessons I learned along the way."

Cee-Lo Green will hold two events to introduce Radiculture, which will serve as a launching pad for new artists.

Both events, which take place on Thursday (May 10), will be held at two different locations in Atlanta.

The first part of Green's Le Cirque Fantastique will be held in the early evening at an undisclosed location, while the second part takes place at 10 p.m. at The Lotus Lounge.

For Green, the Radiculture/Atlantic union represents a chance to mentor artists he believes will set a new tone within the music industry.

The rapper built a state of the art facility to house his offices and studios to produce music for Radiculture.

"Maybe up and coming artists can avoid some of the pitfalls and focus on making great music," Cee-Lo said. "You can expect plenty of great music from Radiculture!"