Cee Lo Green's Cellphone Explodes In His Face


(AllHipHop News) Singer/rapper Cee Lo Green avoided serious injury this morning, during a bizarre incident at an Atlanta recording studio.

The event unfolded as Cee Lo was working in the studio. He was talking on his cell phone when it started smoking and suddenly exploded near his head.

The blast was powerful enough to knock Cee Lo out of his chair, and keep him grounded for quite some time.

Surveillance footage from the studio shows Cee Lo laying on the ground for quite some time, before he gets his bearings together.

At press time, it's unclear what make or model phone Cee Lo was using, or whether or not he was seriously injured.

There have been reports in recent months of both iPhone and Samsung brands exploding.

Earlier this month, a Watchdog group in China reported that eight iPhones had exploded between September 1st and November 30th.

In October, Samsung, the world's top smartphone maker announced that it would lose 2.3 billion dollars, over a recall of millions of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, because they were exploding and causing injuries to customers too.

Check out the footage of Cee Lo in the studio: