Celebrities With Armored Cars: The New, Necessary Trend?

Before Jay-Z and Beyonce's precious cargo, Blue Ivy, made her appearance, there were talks that Jay-Z was purchasing an armored vehicle to keep his family safe.

Many celebrities and political figures want to make sure that they are protected all around. From bodyguards to armored cars, celebrities want the peace of mind that comes from being always guarded.

AllHipHop.com got a chance to speak with Mark Burton, Founder and CEO of International Armor Corporation (IAC), to learn more about the lengths celebs are going to to beef up their security. With reports of stalkers wanting just a little one-on-one attention from Nicki Minaj, Monica, Brandy, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, and more, it may be a smart move.

IAC takes normal passenger vehicles and converts them into armored passenger vehicles. They strip them apart and install armoring materials from synthetic fiber laminates and ballistic glass, and then protect the entire passenger sides from all types of guns and ammunition. However, the appearance and performance of the vehicles constantly remains the same.

"Anyone that perceives a threat, an armored car can give them a peace of mind, from going from their office to their home, and their home to their office," said Burton.

Costs range from $65,000 to $85,000, plus the cost of the car. A number of celebrities, musicians, athletes, and political figures have purchased the cars in the past 20 years. Naturally, we can't reveal their names!

Would you cop this car for safety?