Celebrity Domino Tour Hits California, TV Series In Development

The Professional

Domino Association (PDA) will hit three major cities in California during February

and March, as part of a 12-city tournament tour featuring celebrity players.

Some 128

players, including celebrity competitors Anthony Anderson (Hustle & Flow),

Omar Gooding (Barber Shop), Ken L. (The Parkers) and Antwon Tanner (Coach Carter)

will compete with professional players for the grand prize of $10,000, with

over $20,000 going to the remaining top seven players.

When the championship tournament takes place, the top players

will compete for a $150,000 grand prize.

“What we are doing is creating an industry here,”

said Jay King, founder of PDA. “Dominoes are to gaming what Hip Hop is

to music. It’s a billion dollar industry waiting to happen!”

The PDA, cited in Forbes Magazine as the leader of the domino

playing craze, hits Los Angeles on Saturday, Feb. 11, Sacramento on Saturday

Feb. 25 and San Francisco on Saturday, Mar. 4.

King said he recently finished a pilot for a celebrity domino

TV series and is planning the “World Series of Dominoes” in Las

Vegas, where players will compete for $1 million in prizes.

King, a music industry veteran turned gaming enthusiast, aspires

to reposition dominoes as a TV-worthy sport, blending the bravado of the NBA

with the strategy of chess.

The competition is open to the public with an entry fee for players and a general

admission will be charged to watch the event.

For more information

visit http://www.prodominoassociation.com