Cesar Comanche Takes a Cue from Shakespeare for New Album

AllHipHop Staff

North Carolina-based rapper Cesar Comanche is drawing inspiration from a different source regarding his latest album, Die In Your Lap.

According to the entertainer, the motivation for the release is more literary than musical as he referenced legendary playwright William Shakespeare's classic play Much Ado About Nothing.

“The theme of it is the title actually. It’s Die In Your Lap. That’s a Shakespeare quote. The Shakespeare quote actually means having an orgasm,” Comanche told AllHipHop.com, adding that "die in your lap" should not be taken in a “literal sense” as he decided to use the phrase as a release to describe happenings over the past few years.

“It’s me actually going through the last decade, for the most part of my life, and exercising all those demons on record,” the Justus League affiliate said. “In that process of making that record and you listening to that record, it’s me exercising all those demons and that’s providing my release.

The release of Die In Your Lap comes three years after Comanche’s last offering, 2006’s Wooden Nickels Revisited.

The rapper is known for being a member of the Justus League rap crew, alongside Little Brother, the Away Team, 9th Wonder, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Chaundon, Khrysis, Median and Joe Scudda.

Die In Your Lap was originally slated to hit stores between late 2007 and the beginning of 2008, but was delayed when Comanche’s recording home at the time, Beathut Records, transitioned to a digital format.

While the Die In Your Lap’s delay could’ve resulted in a complete reworking of the album, Comanche admitted that the sound of the project was “the exact vision I had from when I was first thinking about making that album.”

“What it did is it made me be able to become more creative on how I actually put all of that together as far as transitions and exactly how I wanted things to begin and end and different things of that nature.”

For Die In Your Lap, Comanche recruited Khrysis and 9th Wonder to provide beats.

In addition, the album features producers such as Science Omega, Lord Quest, Apple Juice Kid, Marvelous Beats and Comanche himself.

Cesar Comanche’s Die In Your Lap, which features the lead single "Hands High," is in stores now.

The following is a tracklisting for the album:

1. Don’t Be Afraid (produced by Cesar Comanche) 2. Die In Your Lap (produced by Lord Quest) 3. Choose (produced by 9th Wonder) 4. Merciless (arranged by Cesar Comanche) 5. Mercy (produced by Cesar Comanche) 6. Ghetto World (produced by Science Omega) 7. Shame (produced by Khrysis) 8. Hello World (produced by 9th Wonder) 9. Hands High (produced by 9th Wonder) 10. What’s Wrong (produced by 9th Wonder) 11. Our Song (arranged by Cesar Comanche) 12. Lamb To Lion 2 (produced by Cesar Comanche) 13. Guf 2 (produced by Apple Juice Kid) 14. Everything (produced by Marvelous Beats)