Chamillionaire Launches Convoz App Backed By Top Rappers

Chamillionaire has a new app, with investments from some heavyweight rappers.

(AllHipHop News) Houston rap star Chamillionaire is hoping to revolutionize the social media space with his new app, Convoz.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper who successfully transitioned into technology was an early investor in companies like Maker Studios and Cruise (acquired for $700 million and $1 billion respectively).

Chamillionaire showcased the new Convoz app during UpFront Ventures' tech summit, which was recently held in Los Angeles.

During the summit, Cham, who is also an Entrepreneur in Residence at UpFront, pitched Convoz.

The rapper explained how developed the app as a video-centric platform to engage users in face-to-face conversations with celebrities and friends.

According to Cham, Convoz allows users to connect in a more personal manner than the current social media companies offer.

"Cham has embodied the typical founder journey you would expect from any dropout kid from Stanford or Harvard,"
VC investor, Mark Suster. "I would put him high on the list of startup founders who have a deep knowledge of the users they serve, what is unique about their app and how to build a product for scale."

The rapper already has some serious backers for his new technology venture.

Snoop and Shaq made appearances during Chamillionaire's presentation about Convoz.

In addition to Snoop other investors include Big Boi of Outkast and West Coast rap legend, E-40.

Check out the entire UpFront Summit presentation here -

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This is the type of progress I like to see. Homie used music to gain notoriety then used the notoriety to capitalize off his ideas. Salute to Chamillionaire.



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