Chamillionaire, QD3 Talk Tech At Stanford University

AllHipHop Staff

Houston rap star Chamillionaire and producer/mogul Quincy Jones III will appear at Stanford University today (November 4) to discuss technology’s impact on the music industry.

The pair will speak during the “Conversation: Innovation in the Changing Music Industry” panel, which will give students and the general public an insight into emerging trends in the digital space.

Chamillionaire is one of the best-selling artists in the digital space. The rapper has amassed over 5 million ringtone sales and was certified as the first multi-platinum Mastertone artist in history.

"I’m glad to be a part of this Stanford event because it is home base to a program encourages creativity and innovation across the world,” Chamillionaire told “I believe a lot of the students that will be in attendance will be some of the future leaders of our nation and our economy. I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences with them."

Chamillionaire has also been active at various technology conferences, where he has discussed everything from Twitter to being a judge of new start up tech companies at TechCrunch50.

QD3 and Genius Products continue to innovate in the space as well, by teaming with Numark to create the interactive video game “Scratch: The Ultimate DJ.”

The game comes with the original “Scratch Deck” turntable, which allows users to combine turntablism with rhythmic game play in urban environments as their favorite DJ’s.

Chamillionaire and QD3 will speak at Memorial Auditorium at Standford University in Stanford, California starting at 4:30 PM today.

The panel is free for Stanford students, faculty, and staff and $15-20 for general public.

In related news, Chamillionaire’s new album Venom has been pushed back until February 2, 2010.

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