Chance The Rapper Accuses Rolling Stone Of Lying On Him About Album Bundles

There's yet another dispute over how to count sales in the streaming era.

(AllHipHop News) Album bundling has become a controversial topic in the music industry. Mainstream artists like Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled have complained about Billboard magazine's methodology for counting certain bundles as sales for greater chart placement.

Chance The Rapper is now caught up in a quarrel with another publication over The Big Day LP. Rolling Stone reported that Chano partnered with Lyft to give out free copies of his project which would impact the first-week units for the new release.

While Rolling Stone will add the free Lyft downloads as part of the Rolling Stone 200 Albums chart, Billboard apparently will ignore those transactions for the more popular Billboard 200 chart. Chance took issue with RS claiming the partnership was producing "bundles" to boost chart numbers.

"This is unfair. [It's] not a bundle. If you ride [Lyft] or drive [Lyft] you get a FREE copy. It doesn’t register as a sale. Can [y'all] fix this?" posted Chance in response to a Rolling Stone tweet about the Lyft story. The 26-year-old wordsmith returned to Twitter to add, "MAMA THEY LYIN ON ME."

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Still man. What is this? You have to force your shit on people?