Chance The Rapper Battles Obama Over Presidential Center's Location

AllHipHop Staff

Chance has some thoughts on the Obama Presidential Center being built.

(AllHipHop News) Chance the Rapper's bromance with President Obama could be cooling off.

Chance, who visited the White House multiple times during Obama's presidency, has a problem with the upcoming Obama Presidential Center in Chicago.

Local residents have been contesting the location of the Obama Presidential Center, which is accused of promoting gentrification in a local neighborhood.

Last night, Chance criticized the Obama Presidential Center.

“If there’s no Community Benefits Agreement,” Chance said. “if City Council won’t hear the residents of Woodlawn and Southshore, it ruins the legacy and puts folk at risk.”

The rap star claims that city council failed to get local citizens input before they approved plans for the center.

The lack of support is a 180-degree turn for the rapper, who curated the Obama Foundation Summit's kickoff event last year.

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