Chance the Rapper's Security Sued For Beating Up Guy Who Got Too Close In The W

Chance's security laid the smack down on a man who says he simply walked past the rap star.

(AllHipHop News) Chance the Rapper's security is facing at a lawsuit over an incident during the 2017 Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Lawyers for a man named Travis Montgomery claim Chance's security guards threw him against a wall and choked him during an encounter in the lobby of the W Hotel.

Chance, who is not named in the lawsuit, was attending an event at the W Hotel.

Travis Montgomery claims he was a hotel guest at the time, and when he stepped onto an elevator, to head down from the 27th floor to the lobby when he first encountered Guardian Security Services' employee Star Thomas.

Montgomery says he was blocked from entering the elevator because Chance was onboard, so he waited for the next one.

But the two men encountered each other again the in the lobby, and as Montgomery walked past Chance the Rapper, Star Thomas engaged in a verbal dispute.

Star Thomas then grabbed Travis Montgomery by the neck, dragged him across the room and choked him against a wall in the lobby of the plush hotel.

Attorney Tim Tomasik, of Tomasik Kotin Kasserman, along with Michael Adler of AdlerLaw in Los Angeles, filed suit on behalf of Travis Montgomery.

"This was an unprovoked, vicious attack that came without reason or warning," said Tim Tomasik. "Travis was simply a hotel guest walking through the lobby, not posing a threat or even interacting with Chance the Rapper."

Travis is suing Guardian Security Services, Starwood Hotels and the W Hotel's local Director of Operations.

"While Star Thomas was the person actually choking Travis and violently injuring him, the hotel and its ownership and management are responsible for allowing the incident to happen," explained Tim Tomasik. "When you're a guest at a hotel, they owe you the 'highest duty of care,' and have to take the right steps to ensure your safety. The W Hotel knew there would be hundreds of guests around their property during Lollapalooza, which attracts music fans from around the world and absolutely failed to have adequate security to protect guests in the lobby and hotel."

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These security guys need to learn to treat fans with some respect.. though some fans can be annoying