Chance the Rapper Sued For Jacking Legendary Jazz Musician’s Song

Chance the Rapper may have to shell out some money for a track off his breakout mixtape.

(AllHipHop News) Chance the Rapper's early success is coming back to bite him, in the form of a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Chance is being sued by Abdul Wali Muhammad, who is the composer of Jazz legend Lonnie Liston Smith's song “Bridge Through Time.”

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Chance used a portion of the song in his track "Windows," from his critically acclaimed mixtape "10 Day."

"Chance knew that he did not have permission to use any part of Muhammad’s copyrighted song, yet he used a significant portion of ‘Bridge Through Time’ in his song ‘Windows,'" the lawsuit claims.

According to the claim, Muhammad alleges he learned of Chance's infringing behavior last April when he first heard "Windows."

Muhammad claims chance never contacted him to seek approval for using the sample and is seeking damages and an immediate injunction barring Chance from selling the mixtape, the song and or even performing the tune for good measure.