Chance The Rapper Unhappy Hostess Over Coffee Ad


by Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News) Bosses at Hostess, the cake company behind cream-filled treats Twinkies, have been put on blast by Chance the Rapper after using his name in a new ad without his permission.

The hip-hop star, who was a double winner at the BET Awards on Sunday night (June 25), is far from happy about his latest mention in a new social media ad for Hostess’ Apple Streusel Coffee Cakes.

The ad, featuring a box of coffee cakes ‘wearing’ Chance’s trademark hat and the slogan, “How good is Chance the Snacker? I’d say comparable to Apple Streusel Coffee Cakes” went live last week.

The rapper caught up with the ad and urged Hostess executives to pay up.