Chance The Rapper Urges Fans To Support New Spoken Word Piece On "Acid Rap"

The rapper has found a unique way to raise some funds for his non-profit.

(AllHipHop News) Chance The Rapper was forced to cut his popular track "Juice" from the re-release of his breakthrough mixtape "Acid Rap" after struggling with sample clearance issues.

Chance originally dropped the project as a free download in 2013, but on Friday, "Acid Rap" and his 2012 mixtape "10 Day" were made available on streaming services and on vinyl for the first time.

However, fans were quick to notice one particular song was no longer included on the tracklisting for "Acid Rap," and Chance explained why in a recorded message included on the album in place of "Juice."

"I really wanted 'Juice' to be on the mixtape (re-release), but I couldn't get it cleared in time," he shares, referencing the snippet of Donny Hathaway's "Jealous Guy," originally written by John Lennon, which featured on the tune.

Instead, Chance encouraged fans to join him in using the opportunity for charitable purposes by replaying his spoken word piece so its streaming funds would benefit his non-profit organization SocialWorks, which aims to empower youths in his native Chicago, Illinois through arts education.

Representatives for John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, have yet to comment on the sample issue, but she is known for closely guarding the rights to her late husband's work, and rarely approves the use of his music for new projects.