Chanel West Coast Calls Out Sharon Stone Over Lawsuit

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper Chanel West Coast had a few things to say to about actress Sharon Stone, over a lawsuit the actress recently filed.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Chanel West Coast has responded after Sharon Stone sued her over her 2018 track "Sharon Stoned."

According to a lawsuit obtained by AllHipHop, the "Casino" actress alleged the rapper is trying to capitalize on her "extraordinary level of popularity and fame" by repeatedly mentioning her name in the lyrics.

Her complaint alleged Chanel, real name Chelsea Dudley, says the rapper "gratuitously repeats the name 'Sharon Stone' thirty-three times and the name 'Sharon' ninety-nine times," during its lyrics.

Following news of the lawsuit, Chanel released a statement admitting she was "surprised and disappointed" that Stone had decided to take legal action.

"Sharon pulled out of participating in the music video the day of the shoot after months of conversations, in-person meetings with myself and the director, two dance rehearsals and even had her own ideas that she shared with myself and my team for the collaborative on the video," she said.

"To be frank, the entire production team and myself were surprised when she walked off. Nonetheless, the shoot proceeded. I am an artist who was expressing myself through music by making a song and video about someone whom I greatly admire," Chanel West Coast continued. "I only had the best intentions to create something visually amazing that highlights Sharon Stone as well as myself and for that I have done nothing wrong."

Sharon Stone is seeking an injunction preventing Dudley, who first found fame in the MTV reality series Rob Dyrdek's "Fantasy Factory," from using her name or image and is demanding punitive damages and any profits the rapper earned as a result of the song and video. 

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She is wacker than PM Dawn. Kris throw her off the stage.

Angry Buddha
Angry Buddha

"extraordinary level of popularity and fame"???? Her voice & cadence sounds like high pitched dingo mating calls & I swear she’s half goat when she laughs. Man, the only thing popular about her music is how bad it is.


That's a game changer if they have some video proof that Sharon Stone was OK with the song!