Charges Against DMX To Be Dropped Monday

AllHipHop Staff

Embattled rapper DMX’s legal troubles may be over for now, it seems.

A source close to the rapper told exclusively that a Mariposa County, Arizona judge will dismiss the most recent charges brought against the rapper this week.

Speaking under condition of anonymity, the source said that as a result of the plea deal DMX accepted on Tuesday (June 2), the judge presiding over the case is set to dismiss the charges of felony attempted aggravated assault to which he pleaded guilty.

The charges stem from an alleged altercation between DMX, born Earl Simmons, and guards at the Tent City Jail in Arizona during his last stint in jail.

While serving a 90-day sentence for animal cruelty, drug and fraud related charges, DMX is accused of having verbally threatened guards at the facility. DMX was release from the Tent City Jail on May 14.

A week later he was seen out and about during the entertainment industry’s annual convergence on Miami, Florida for Memorial Day Weekend, where he spoke openly about his plans on getting back to the music.

According to the source, X May return to Miami following his court appearance on Monday morning.