Charges Against Eminem's Ex-Wife Dropped

Two charges against Eminem's

ex-wife, Kimberly Mathers were dropped last week after a Macomb County judge,

said prosecutors failed to make a case against her. Eminem allegedly caught

his wife kissing a man, whom he pistol whipped outside of the Hot Rock Sports

Bar and Music Cafe. Ms. Mathers was charged with disturbing the peace, while

Eminem was later charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and carrying a

concealed weapon. After a plea bargain, Em pleaded guilty to the weapons charge

and the assault charge was dismissed. He was sentenced to two years probation

and was ordered to take random drug testing and counseling.

The second and more serious stems from an incident

in July of 2001. Ms. Mathers and a friend were arrested when a Macomb County

sheriff responded to a 911 call about a personal watercraft accident on Lake

St. Clair. When the officer arrived, he found Mathers and a friend walking and

carrying their life jackets. Mathers was arrested in that incident because of

an outstanding warrant, for failure to appear for a court hearing. After the

two woman left the patrol car, the police found a baggie containing almost 1

gram of cocaine in the back seat of the squad car.

Mathers attorney's argued that the bag of cocaine

wasn't hers and the District Judge John Foster had to dismiss the charges after

local persecutors failed to prove that the bag belonged to Mathers.