Charges Against Nate Dogg Dropped Due To Health

AllHipHop Staff

Prosecutors have agreed to dismiss a criminal case against hook specialist Nate Dogg, who last year was charged with stalking and threatening his ex-wife.

Nate Dogg, real name Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, was arrested in July 2008 for allegedly stalking and making criminal threats against his estranged spouse by sending threatening emails and chasing the woman on San Diego’s 405 Freeway.

At the scene, Dogg also received a misdemeanor count for driving with a suspended license, the result of a previous DUI conviction.

Prior to his first court appearance last July, Nate Dogg suffered a debilitating stroke that left him wheelchair bound.

Two months later, the prolific hookman fell victim to a second stroke which required him to use an assisted breathing tube.

Since the singer’s ex-wife has not maintained contact with the District Attorney’s office, prosecutors have elected to drop the case.

Because of his medical ailments, a Compton Superior Court judge also recommended yesterday (April 15) that the charges be dropped, but gave prosecutors the option to refiling the case in the future.

At press time, Nate Dogg is currently convalescing from the strokes at an undisclosed rehabilitation facility.