Charli Baltimore Prepares "The Diary" And New Mixtape

Charli Baltimore's

The Diary will finally be released this fall, after being pushed back

several times. In the meantime, Baltimore said that she will be giving away

a free mixtape, titled The Darkhalf Volume 1.

"I just completed

it, it should drop in the next month or so," Baltimore told

"I am giving it to the mom and pop stores for free, if they want to sell

it that's fine. I don't want any profit from it. It's away of showing my gratitude

to everyone that helped me and giving back."

Baltimore produced

the mixtape with new producer Slaughter and said that the material on the mixtape

is brand new and will not feature previews of tracks from The Diary.

"It's different

from the album," Baltimore continued. "I like to switch it up. I feel

like I have grown so much as an artist that I didn't need to."

Baltimore also

dismissed the notion that there is tension between her and Murder Inc. CEO Irv

Gotti, due to her album being pushed back several times, or possibly the government

probe in money laundering accusations against the label.

"The probe

has nothing to do with the artists, so it's not that," Baltimore said.

"The person that is in the spotlight has to come out, I understand that.

I been in the game long enough to understand that. I am happy to be signed and

to even have an album coming out."