Charlotte Hip-Hop The Focus Of 'Crown Royalty'

(AllHipHop News) The Charlotte Hip-Hop community will be the focus of a new movie that will premiere this Friday (February 26th) titled Crown Royalty: The History of Charlotte Hip-Hop.

A red carpet screening for the movie will take place during CIAA Weekend at the Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte. Crown Royalty examines The Queen City’s Hip-Hop scene by interviewing local artists, labels, personalities and landmarks.

"Charlotte’s Hip-Hop scene is like so many other places that I’ve seen in my travels,” director Mehka told “They have their own style and celebrities, but have yet to break into the mainstream largely in part to its location and small town perception.”

The goal of Crown Royalty is to expose Charlotte’s thriving music scene, which Mehka believes has been unfairly overlooked. “I hope this documentary shines a spotlight not only Charlotte, North Carolina but all the 'Charlottes' of the world," director Mehka explained to

Local artists like Diggie Die of Liquor House Records, Ike Turnah, Big Treal, Tiny T, Wolly Vinyl and Kam Moye, Royal-Tee, Maui, The Transfers, Sonny Rich and other Charlotte rappers are featured in the flick.