Charron Addresses Getting Slapped By K-Shine During Rap Battle

Battle rap is supposed to be a contest of words and performances, but sometimes things get physical during the lyrical bouts.

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The latest violent incident happened over the weekend between K-Shine and Charron during a 2-on-2 battle at Don’t Flop’s “First Anniversary” event in Atlanta.

During the third round, Charron and his partner 100 Bulletz reenacted Slim Jesus’ “Drill Time” video which included pointing a cap gun at Shine. Apparently, Shine thought Charron was firing a BB gun at him, and the NWX member responded by hitting the prop out of Charron’s hand. Charron then knocked Shine’s hat off his head. That led to Shine smacking Charron across the face.

Charron has responded to the incident in a series of tweets. According to the Canadian rhymer, the two battlers spoke and settled their issues. He also claimed a photo of his face with a large hand print on it was photoshopped.

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Charron Says The Pic Is Fake

Watch footage from K-Shine/DNA vs Charron/100 Bulletz and the full battle below.


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